A Product That Pays For Itself

Find the perfect plan for your business and discover how much easier billing can be with Ssentezo. With all the time you will save, its a product that pays for itself. Get started in just a few clicks.


1 Staff

 UGX 800,000

  • Monthly fee:
  • No of Customers: unlimited
  • No of transactions: unlimited + SMS
    250 shs each
  • Free Transaction: 1 month
  • Support: 8:00-5:00pm, Mon- Fri


5 Staff

 UGX 1,500,000

  • Monthly fee:
  • No of Customers: unlimited
  • No of transactions: unlimited + SMS
    250 shs each
  • Free Transaction: 1 months
  • Support: 8:00-5:00pm, Mon- Fri


Unlimited Staff

 UGX 3,000,000

  • Monthly fee:
     UGX 500,000
  • No of Customers: unlimited
  • No of transactions: unlimited
  • Brand Customisation: Allowed
  • staff trainning: 3 days onsite trainning
  • Support: 8:00-5:00pm, Mon- Fri

In Every plan you are able to have core features like:

  • Add, Delete and Edit unlimited Borrowers in the system

  • Add Loans and Savings Accounts

  • Send SMS and Email directly to Borrower

  • Add Delete and edit loan products in the system
  • Automatically set Released Date, Amount and Interest

  • Set Penalties for late repayment and after maturity date

  • Add Transaction such as Deposit, Withdrawal, and Interest

  • Add savings and print Savings Account Statement

  • Add Expense,set expense type,set Recurring Expenses

  • Add Payroll for your Staff
  • Generate all reports including balance sheet and Cash Flow

For more information about features
Here is a detailed features list

Why this is the best time to use Ssentezo

cost effectiveness

Ssentezo reduces prices up to 80% of all prices charges on banking systems without comprimising the efficiency of the software product.


Any one with or without financial education can use Ssentezo to do his activities within the credit facility.It combines good user interface and well thought user experience


A lot of people have a bad filling when it comes to online systems.Ssentezo has been developed by sophisticated software engineers who have deep knowledge about security.

Frequently asked questions

Yes,Engineers of Ssentezo are working tirelessly to make sure that those who cannot use the system online can get an offline copy

No, system support is counted on the annual fees paid.There are some incidences where you have to pay for extra customization in case you ask for it.

Yes, you can sign up for free Demo.Remember you can opt out at any time