Thinkx Software presents

The best Micro finance system in Africa

Our Software is the most Affordable and Reliable, pay withought breaking a sweat.


Our Solution to Your Organization

Microfinance Management System Developed specially for:


Lending Companies

Saving Groups

Village Savings

Investment Clubs


How Can Ssentezo Help You?

Manage all Your Clients’ Savings Accounts, Loans, and Repayments with Reports in one place. Ssentezo helps you spend less time by automating all your tasks and save more time for your business. 

Ssentezo Wallet

Helps you Collect and Deliver Money to the last Mile through Mobile Money and Bank Wire transfers. From as low as 2.5% a transaction

Ssentezo Wallet for Savings

A Client with a small device

What clients can do using their Mobile Phones, and more.

USSD option

Withdrawal Money


Apply for a Loan


Why choose Ssentezo?


Ssentezo gives you power to own a bank even without a physical office, the possibility of having your Sacco or bank with u any where and anytime, with all vast functions of the system we give you the system at the lowest price possible because we want to grow with you.

Continuous Development

Our system goes under rapid growth the reason we let you pay a small license is to keep making the system give you more, and every 3 months we add a new feature in the system at no additional costs.

Data Security

Security is our core consideration we understand to day's information is money we protect your data and your passwords to the best of known technology against any possible bleach whether online or offline.

Customer Support

We like to worry about the technology and give you space to grow your business. Our team is online and on standby to assist you with any problem arising from the system you won't be kept waiting we operate 24/7 to make sure you have the best experience possible.

All Our Community Microfinance Institutions

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Who works with us

We work together with leading investors and partners to deliver what we promise to our clients and Africa at large.
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