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The core features of the Ssentezo System.


Meet the Needs of Your Customers with Our Perfect Banking Software for Your Business.


View and add savings to individual borrowers or group. Our Software allows SACCO’s & Micro finance Institutions to run multiple Saving Products including Interest Accruing Accounts, Fixed Deposit Accounts, Non-Interest Savings Account, with Ease.


One of the main goals of company management teams is to maximize profits. This is achieved by boosting revenues while keeping expenses in check. Slashing costs can help companies to make even more money from sales. With Ssentezo you can Keep track of your business expenses. Add and view expenses.


Track loans, be reminded of payment schedule ,past maturity dates, missed re-payments and fines courtesy of Ssentezo. We Supports multiple loan products as offered by MFI’s, SACCO’s & Credit Lending Companies including reducing balance interest based, straight line interest based, Micro finance Reducing Interest based & Product Loans among others.


Register Clients, Register Clients groups, view and edit Client groups with ease. Allow SACCO’s & MFI’s to know their clients by capturing, processing & analyzing bio data, demographic data from members and clients


View profit/loss reports, cash flow, collection reports, portfolio at risk in reports module.

Collateral Registration

Register collateral as a form of security for the loan.


Let the system generate your chats of accounts seamlessly and generate financial reports


View and add loan repayments. Ssentezo eases the loan repayment process.

Collection Sheets

View daily collection, past maturity date loans and missed repayment sheet.

Reminders and notifications

Notify your clients with an SMS every time a transaction happens while keeping them up to date with important information

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